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nichts für schwache Nerven. "Frosch-Baby" zur Welt gekommen. Fake oder real ! Repto DNA?


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http://mysteryoutube.blogspot.in/2015/ 04/woman-gives-birth-to-frog-like-baby-in.htm l


After 13 months of pregnancy, a woman in Ekiti finally gave birth to a baby with anencephaly in Ekiti.

A woman believed to be in her 30s in Iyin Ekiti, Irepodun/Ifelogun Local Government Area of Ekiti State, has given birth to a strange looking baby.
The woman, (name withheld) and a mother of two, was pregnant for 13 months and was said to have undergone several tests at various private hospitals in the state where she was assured of a set of twins.
She was said to have delivered the strange creature at the General Hospital in the town through a Cesarean Section in the hospital at about 2.15 pm last Thursday.
The birth of the fearful baby caused a stir in the hospital as medical officials were seen discussing the strange birth , while others trooped to the hospital from the town and neighbouring communities to see the “strange baby’’
Commissioner for Health in the state, Dr. Wole Olugboji, confirmed the delivery.
His words; “There was a woman who gave birth to a strange baby at General Hospital Iyin. The baby is dead but the mother is okay.”
He said the mother of the baby was still unconscious due to the sedation administered to her before the CS to ensure she did not see the creature.
The commissioner noted that the strange birth was quickly disposed off to save the parents from embarrassment.
Vanguard gathered that the woman’s husband was present in the delivery room and approved of the quick burial of the strange creature.
A source at the hospital told Vanguard that the strange ‘baby’ has two bulging eyes and few strand of hair on the forehead. The creature had no brain. Its head was open at the back and you can see mucus inside the head instead of brain. It was a strange creature that nobody seems to have seen before.”
Another source said that the creature was very tiny at birth. The delivery was abnormal as the fluid which was drained from the mother’s body was in excess. The baby must have been deformed due to the effects of some drugs or herbs. That is why we always ask pregnant women not to take any drug unless prescribed by a qualified doctor. We cannot rule it out that the deformity might have been caused by concoction. It is possible.”

Source: Vanguard Newspaper

http://www.informationng.com/2011/08  /woman-gives-birth-to-frog-like-baby-after-1 3-months-pic-included.html

http://www.dailymai l.co.uk/health/article-308403/Woman-gives-bir th-frog.html

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