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Documentary Films: How Hitler Got Away - Full Story

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Documentary Films: How Hitler Got Away - Full Story
Astounding evidence came out in 2009 from three American professors that had access to Hitler's alleged remains surprised the globe with scientific DNA proof that the skull and bones Russia claimed were Adolf's were in fact the skull of a forty year old woman. This reinforced Joseph Stalin's belief that in fact Hitler did get away after the war a claim he maintained to the end of his life. Truth is no one saw Eva Braun & Hitler die in the bunker; no photos were taken to document that fact; fact is no bodies were ever found in the bunker; no physical evidence exists tying them to the scene.

Hitler Escaped

Corsi and his researchers maintain the possibility that Hitler escaped from Nazi Germany at the end of the war and even Dwight D. Eisenhower, the allied commander, said he thought Hitler was still alive. FBI & CIA records kept at the National Archives maintain the U.S. government took serious the reports that Hitler & Eva Braun escaped to Argentina in a Nazi U-boat. Even the trial judge at the Nuremberg trials of Nazi war criminals said he believed," No one is for sure Adolph Hitler is dead."

The Fourth Reich

Corsi compiles massive amounts of proof plus painstaking research and evidence that points to Hitler's escape to Argentina even down to the exact landing area on the beach. The question remains did Hitler escape to plan revenge and the rise of the Fourth Reich? There was a large German community in Argentina that backed Adolph; in fact they worshipped him as a cult hero. Could it be after he lived out his life there they had access to his DNA knowing that sometime in the future perhaps technology would exist to be able to clone him back to life?


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