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Tiefen-Meditation / 7 Hours Mega Theta Meditation - Intense Theta brainwave entrainment with all the

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I was having some troubles with my computer lately, that's why I lacked some uploads. Here's the next upload of my mega meditation series! I included all theta binaural beats exepct for the 5.5Hz, because the file sounded very weird for some reason.

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Overview of all brainwaves (epsilon to lambda):
http://hubpages.com/_mbyl/hub/What-ar e-Brain-Waves-Theta-Delta-Alpha-Beta-brain-wa ves-What-is-brainwave-entrainment

Alpha waves are the "relaxing waves". They function as a bridge between the subconscious mind (theta) and the conscious mind (beta).
12 Hz - mental clarity; doorway to all other frequencies
11.5 Hz - associated with increased intelligence and mental efficiency
11 Hz - achieve "relaxed yet alert" state
10.5 Hz - activity, energy, freedom; ability of achievement
10 Hz - mood elevator; universally beneficial; good for learning
9.5 Hz - bridge between subconscious and conscious minds
9 Hz - balances they body and makes aware of imbalances
8.5 Hz - no studies have shown a specific effect, though I had users, commenting that it is their favorite frequency

Theta waves are the subconsious mind. They increase creative abilities, learning speed and stimulate personal insight.
8 Hz - good for learning new information
7.5 Hz - creative thought of art, music, maths, science
7 Hz - treatment of sleep disturbances
6.5 Hz - center of theta frequency; activates creative frontal lobe
6 Hz - long term memory stimulation
5.5 Hz - shows vision of growth needed ("Inner Guidance")
5 Hz - unusual problem solving; reduces amount of sleep needed
4.5 Hz - wakeful dreaming, vivid imagery

Delta waves are the unconscious mind. Typically, they occur in deep sleep (or in extremely deep meditation). Increasing delta waves makes you sleep a lot better. Intuition and emotional understanding are also enhanced. They also release important hormones, e.g. the HGH.
4 Hz - vivid mental imagery; deep creative insight
3.5 Hz - very good against depressions and anxiety
3 Hz - increased reaction time; regeneration of muscles etc.
2.5 Hz - like a sedative; production of endogenous opiates
2 Hz - nerve regeneration
1.5 Hz - associated with sleep and treating sleep disturbances
1 Hz - overview of emotional relationships, release of many hormones (1.05 Hz is especially good for HGH release)
0.5 Hz - regeneration of nerves; very good for sleeping (I personally recommend 1 Hz though)

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pic link: http://40.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_mc98asc7V91 r3m7n8o1_500.jpg

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