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Unheimlich - Poltergeist, UFO uvam. These Creepy Encounters Are Only For The Brave To Watch

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Narrated by James LaFleur - Subscribe to James\' channel http://youtube.com/Jaymez
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From a scary hiking gone wrong to unexplained phenomena caught on tape , in this video I will analyse creepy encounters that are only for the brave to watch. Brennen decides to go hiking with his friend when all of a sudden their sunny and beautiful day turns into a nightmare when they encounter a scary clown that decides to chase them down. A mysterious creature is lurking in your roof and you don\'t know what to do about it - this is exactly what this youtuber is going through and you won\'t imagine what happens next, a mysterious and unexplainable phenomenon is captured on camera but it doesn\'t happen only once, it\'s captured twice in different places in the same year - what could it be? A Tiktok user encounters a hidden room in her house and what she finds inside is breathtaking. This and much more in this terrifying video compilation that I\'ve prepared for you. Welcome to the Impossible Channel where I analyse the creepiest and most strange internet videos. I\'m James LaFleur and I upload 2 videos per week for your entertainment so be sure to get ready for more content like this.

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