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EVE Bit the Lens Cover Off the APPLE EYE Camera to SEE!

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YouTube is waging war on free thought channels. My main channel Enterthe5t4rz with its 50K Subscribers & 2,500 videos, has been terminated. This channel was one of the most moderate free thought channels on YouTube, yet they cherry picked 3 videos in 2 months that they deemed, 'offensive' and terminated my channel. There are many more of us than there are them and if we work together, we can always have our voice heard if only we stick together. Please, subscribe to every backup channels below in case this channel is also terminated. I will be uploading archived videos to these channels over time.
Enterthe5t4rz UNBREAKABLE

Enterthe5t4rz UNSTOPPABLE

This channel was created to inform those who want to know the truth about the undercurrents controlling our society. Sometimes, what we find is no always pretty, but in the truth, there is hope. And, one thing you can be sure about is that this will be a collective journey, amongst each other, to expose the enemy and find the truth.

The cover art is one such truth. That the foundation of the World Trade Center Twin Towers was aligned to 119 degrees all along. They knew what they would do 28 years after it opened in 1973.

Support this channel at https://www.paypal.me/enterthe5t4rz

Book of Enoch | BCE scroll found with complete Old Testament Hebrew bible at the Dead Sea caves in 1947.

I beheld another splendour, and the stars of heaven. Splendour produced splendour; and their conversion was into the number of the angels, and of the faithful. They are names of the righteous who dwell upon earth, and who believe in the name of the Lord of spirits for ever and for ever.

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