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Seltsames geschieht in der Welt / Top 20 Weirdest Glitches In Matrix Caught On Camera. Strangest Eve


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Chinese traffic camera got more than strange footage of avoiding death
British traffic camera also captured the strangest creature avoiding death
Russian traffic camera captured vanished car in broad daylight
US home security cam captured dead and buried girlfriend coming at night
Another one captured night levitation
Scientists cannot explain why dog owners in time starting to look like their dogs
They also cannot explain Poltergeist
Believe it or not - Circular Rainbow or Glory around the objects does not have scientific explanation to this day
This Arctic Mirage was filmed in California sky
While Mirage icebergs suddenly appeared in Florida bay
Fishermen were testifying: all this greenery appear overnight on California coast
Weirdest sky phenomena was captured in Mediterranean
No diver have ever returned alive after a dive in this water filled Bahamas cave
5 Tourists were filming cruise ship in Hilo bay. They blinked
And the ship suddenly was facing the other way
Why 1,500 BC Egyptian Statue Looks exactly like Michael Jackson?
Crew of Omen movie died exactly like it was depicted in the film by car accident decapitation for real
Mark Twain correctly predicted he was born with Galley comment and he will die with Galley comet
Story of Titanic was published in details 14 years before the actual sinking
Hitler, Stalin, Trotsky, Ferdinand & Broz Tito were neighbors in 1913 without knowing each other
In 1941 Soviet Archeologists opened Timur tomb with a threat about apocalyptic war for tomb disturbance. Next day Hitler invaded USSR
US heart transplant patient got a heath after donor suicide. In 1 year heart patient shot himself exactly like his donor did a year before
Deputy Carlos Francies died in lake Tahoe when he was investigating how Doctor Tatiana Nickolskaya died in lake Tahoe one year prior. Both death involved a boat.
Walter Summerford was stricken by lighting 3 times when he was alive. Forth bolt destroyed his grave.
Do you still believe in reality?
Than read Lincoln & Kennedy strange coincidences and 129 Years between Napoleon

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