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"Werbe-Film für Geoengineering" (englisch) Engineering the climate?


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Our climate is changing. The earth is warming up as a result of greenhouse gases emitted by humans. With serious implications: sea levels are rising, deserts are expanding, and extreme weather events may become more frequent. We can still prevent some of the consequences by reducing our emissions. But we will also have to adapt to some changes that can no longer be prevented. Reducing emissions and adapting to changes require considerable effort. Would climate engineering (CE), a deliberate and large-scale intervention in the climate, be an easier option against global warming?

Artificial removal of CO2 from the air could reduce greenhouse gas concentrations. But what happens with the CO2? What about ocean fertilization or a parasol for the earth to reflect the sunlight and prevent global warming?

The IASS' new five-minute animated film "Engineering the Climate" introduces the uncertainties and risks associated with climate engineering in an easy-to-understand and entertaining way. The consequences of many technologies are still uncertain. Should we simply try it out? Is climate engineering a last-resort in case of an emergency? Technological interventions in the climate might solve some problems, but they would certainly create new ones. And who should decide about their use?

The film is particularly aimed at younger viewers. It follows the successful IASS productions "Outlaws in Air City" and "Let's Talk about Soil", and was produced by the Climate Media Factory. It demonstrates the importance of critically examining available and emerging options to address climate change with respect to their potential advantages risks.

Please find more information about Climate Engineering here: http://ftp02.iass-potsdam.de/publications/epa per/epaper-2013-11-22_124843/index.html

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