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Lost History Of Earth Volume 2:1 - #EWARANON (Oct 2021 - 90 Minutes)

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???? EwarAnons newest channel: https://tinyurl.com/2r554b8n
Previous documentaries:
▶️ What On Earth Happened? (Full Documentary - 8 Hours): https://tinyurl.com/53kb42n4
▶️ The Lost History of Earth (Full Documentary - 5 hours): https://tinyurl.com/3v4atxn3

From Ewar:

LHFE 2:1
I’m at a bit of a crossroads with these videos. I started making them to help people around me piece things together and wake up. That motivation is now over for obvious reasons and this video is the last of this style. I contemplated for a long time giving it the title of “LHFE-Intermission” but as it foreshadows many themes and strands of volume 2 it seems appropriate to call it 2:1.

I will finish the rest of LHFE for myself and as a small contribution to the community that has served us all for so long now. More will come, sometimes just one episode and other times a cluster of them. Vol2 is all planned and written but I am slow and my motivation now falls with telling the story and sharing my discoveries so I want to make it just right. That urgency I felt when making WOEH is no longer in me. But it’s also very exciting to have finally “caught up” with these videos and now be able to share the new stuff that I have been documenting for a long time now.

I can’t promise this channel will stay, it likely won't. It turns out I get a lot more done without having a channel as a distraction. But I will always find a way for new content to be accessible. For now, this is the only platform I am on. Because of this, feel free to reupload. But no selling or DVDs.

#LHFE #LostHistoryOfEarth #EwarAnon

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