The Elite's Fetish- Pedos,Pornography and The MSM
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The Elite's Fetish- Pedos,Pornography and The MSM

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The MSM busted catering to pedos again..I've been raising hell and exposing hell on the Daily Mail.My alien fossils(alien by definition means foreign,anomalous,unusual and is NOT the same word as extraterrestrial) are extremely real,important very well detailed and COVERED UP by both controlled "alt media" and obviously mainstream media also.Please share,sub and tell people to at least look into this IT WILL NOT GET OUT OTHERWISE .I show here any many live videos(not fake pictures!) the largest collection of alien/anomalous fossils in history The light beings I show are beyond amazing and documented,I do not even have time for them but you can see them here too.My original "HumansWin Credo" read by over 5 million people~ Humans Win By Standing Up To Injustice- Humans Win By Losing Their Fear- Humans Win By Researching The Truth Themselves- Humans Win By Opening Their Minds AND Then Their Mouths- Humans Win By Knowing We Are Great But Not The Greatest Power - Humans win By Protecting Those That Are Unable To Do So,Be They Man Or Be They Animal-Humans Win By Respecting This Earth We All Live On But Knowing It Is Not Our Possession-Humans Win By Reaching Their Potential -Humanswin

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