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GREAT SIGN of Revelation 12

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The Great Sign of Revelation 12 is a special heralding, ordered by the High Court of Heaven to announce the day the Court receives long-awaited verdicts. These verdicts are so significant the course of history is suddenly changed.
Accordingly, a heralding has been designed to gain the attention of everyone. It will occur this Feast of Trumpets, on September 23, 2017.

The heralding will be centered over Jerusalem. Yet, it will grow to stretch from horizon to horizon and be seen by much of the world over a four-hour time-span.

A special eclipse, much like the one which occurred at the crucifixion, must take place. The eclipse will begin at high noon in Jerusalem.

The dramatic appearance will enable the Great Sign to capture the attention of the nations.

Without the darkness of an eclipse, the Great Sign cannot appear, meaning there could be no heralding.

The verdicts on the day of the Great Sign produce a critical Court decision. It makes a decision thus the reason for a heralding on such an enormous scale.

The Great Sign will successfully fulfill its initial assignment by gaining the attention of all whose lives are to be altered by the decisions in the High Court on this pivotal day in history.

Great terror will come upon the unrepentant. Many will suddenly become open to the Gospel.

THE REASON OF THE GREAT SIGN: It is a heralding which occurs to announce a day of special verdicts in the High Court of Heaven.

The Virgin Princess and the Fiery Red Dragon prophetically play-out, or image, the evil deeds of Lucifer, which bring about the trial and this day of great verdicts.

All this means the heralding does not announce the rapture. However, this does not preclude the rapture from occurring on this day.

The Great Sign does not announce the rapture because the rapture is not an event directly produced by a court ordered judgment. Among other things, this means the rapture is not an event scheduled by the court.

In contrast, important prophetic events are usually scheduled by the court. This means their appointed time of occurrence is recorded on court documents and available for public knowledge.

However, the rapture is an act of grace in response to a court scheduled judgment—just like the rescue of Lot and his family.

The firestorm of Sodom was scheduled by court order to occur at sun-up. As important as Lot’s rescue was, it was a secondary event in response to the scheduled firestorm.

This is why we do not know the day or the hour of the rapture. It is an act of grace to rescue the Lord’s children before the arrival of a court judgment by firestorm.

The prophetic imagery in the heralding reveals that the verdicts being trumpeted will be in response to charges filed against Lucifer and his minions. The charges are in response to the highest crimes ever committed against God and man.

The judgments, which begin immediately after the verdicts, will include in their purpose the active purging of sin from heaven and earth. This world-altering purging, or Apocalypse, will be entered into as an important stage in the Lord's program to restore all things to an everlasting state of holiness.

Furthermore, the book of Revelation is also a duly ordered court instrument, detailing much like a legal deposition, how the court decisions on the Feast of Trumpets are to affect everyone. All who call upon the name of the Lord will be rescued (Romans 10:9-13).

Incredibly, to further insure awareness of the events of the day, there will be an additional sign in the heavens occurring thirty-three days before the Great Sign.

This sign is being billed as The Great American Eclipse. It will be in the early afternoon, on Monday, August 21, 2017—this is a date which turns out to be much about the future of the western world.

It will be the day of the most observed and most studied eclipse of all history, and although this eclipse circles half of the world, it will only cross the United States of America.

This is the heralding which will ultimately prove to be a harbinger of the judgments which will be poured out as a result of the verdicts heralded by the Great Sign.

In one sense, the Great American Eclipse is the first warning sign in regard to the apocalyptic events which will immediately follow the Great Sign.

Court directed trumpet blasts will be blown for the entire month between the time of the Great American Eclipse and the time of the Great Sign of Revelation 12.

The coordinated heavenly signs, occurring immediately before and immediately after the month of trumpeting, converging with the Feast of Trumpets, means there is good reason to anticipate the time of the fulfillment of the trumpet blasts has arrived.

May the Lord Guide You in His Spirit of Prophecy.


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