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~ Schumann Resonance - Connect To Earth Rhythm ~ 7.83hz Theta Binaural Beats | Healing Nature Music

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About this session:
Welcome to pure 7.83hz Binaural Beats Schumann Resonance Meditation.
This powerful session contains 1 hour of nature music and relaxing healing sounds that will help you fall asleep more quickly while listening to this frequency. The nature sounds are taken from the rain forest and combine rain sounds, birds and insects.
The carrier frequencies of this meditation are:
111hz -- Endorphins release
90hz -- Endorphins release, sense of good feeling, sense of security, sense of well being
Schumann Resonance, or in short, SR, describes a serial of sounds, which, with contestant listening, can not only synchronize you with the earth beats, but also heal you, encourage creativity and stimulate your immune system.
The resonance of Schumann represents the frequency or sound that is produced from the conductive surface between the earth and the Ionosphere stratum that surrounds it. The frequency of the sounds that are produced from this is 7.83hz.
This healing frequency is responsible for charging the body with energy, immune system functioning, good mood, creativity, the ability to learn and study, improving memory; it also matches the frequency of the globe.

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