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2011: Targeted Individuals Speak to Bioethics Committee

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Copyrights belong to the Owner: *TI Evidences 2012*
Link to Original Source Material: Video
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ocf1kfm V-U

Use of this video is for Education and to provide Evidence to the rest of the Unknowing Public - that we have a Problem.

I know this reality - personally and have watched, spoken with, communicated with many others who have found themselves on the receiving end of what is normally called Biological Warfare, Terrorism, Crimes

but under some unknown so called authority - Operators/Front End Users utilize a Computerized Tactical System - it\'s weapons, tactics, techniques and systems to attack people with trauma, illness, hard ships - economic, health, legal, etc.

Precoordinated, premeditated with someone else calling the shots to achieve THEIR objectives. Without Consent or Knowledge of the other parties being effected.

For those living a hell, in their homes, with their kids or family, in the middle of society like everyone else but can\'t seem to get the Truth nor Justice

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