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Reupload: Shooting Right Through Police Riot Gear

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I took down this video during the turmoil about the "stab proof vest" issue, merely as a precaution in order to avoid another strike. Now that the strike is removed and after YouTube told me the video was fine in the first place, I decided to reupload it.

Keep in mind this video is by no means a lecture for evil forces. Instead, the tests have been performed in order to find flaws in the related products. In fact, it turned out that the tested products are extremely well made and will protect the user against all kinds of weapons the police will likely encounter during a riot.

Only the 1000 Joule arrow shooter penetrated, but that weapon is not commercially available and is also totally not concealable. It has the same impact as an elephant rifle. It is absolutely clear that no plastic shield can stop a projectile like that.

Insofar it was not necessary to notify the manufacturer of the shield (the helmet is no longer in production). It also shows that poly carbonate is an excellent protection material and should replace aluminum in safety products altogether.

A "The Slingshot Channel" production!

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