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German grandmother harassed while telling a story about refugees

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Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3R099G8sc8
A 75 year old woman in Hamburg tells her story of how she was sexually harassed by African migrants to a journalist as suddenly "integrated" Muslims rudely interrupt her, insist that she insults Islam, claim they rebuilt Germany and consequently deny any crimes against Christians by Muslims. While on the Subway train, an African migrant showed the old woman pictures of an erect Penis and asked if it was "Good, Good?". While she was sitting on a bench at a train station, a migrant shouted "FUCK YOU!" after she refused to show him the contents of her bag. Natives in her street, mostly the elderly, are outnumbered 250 to 490. Robberies, theft and sexual harassment of both young girls as well as the elderly are now commonplace.
Her friends have been repeatedly robbed by migrants in grocery stores, the stores themselves have given up fighting against shoplifting, within 14 days "refugees" broke into the same mansion twice and the police is completely helpless against the sudden surge of violent crime. During New Year's Eve, she had to be escorted by a married couple as hundreds of migrants gathered near her Church, didn't let her through and later went on to harass girls in what is known as the "Night of Shame" - with multiple violent mass sexual assaults, with over 500 assaulted German girls in Cologne alone.

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