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Henry Kissinger - The Mike Wallace Interview - 13 Juli 1958

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Dr. Henry Kissinger at age 35, Associate Director of the Center for International Affairs at Harvard University, talks to Wallace about the United States\' foreign and military policies, limited nuclear war, the Soviet Union, Algeria, the Middle East, and Republicans, including Richard Nixon.

Dr. Kissinger’s “idealism\" is perfectly captured when he says “…the US was insufficiently idealistic in its Cold War strategy” and that “[the US] should go on the spiritual offensive [and] say that freedom, if it is liberated, can achieve many of these things [i.e. promised by Communism].

Kissinger would later become US National Security Advisor and Secretary of State in the 60s and 70s to Nixon and Ford, orchestrating bloodshed on behalf of Pol Pot in Cambodia, Indonesia in East Timor and Pakistan in Bangladesh under the guise of \"RealPolitik\". Kissinger continues to mentor modern US leaders such as Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, Donald Trump, and virtually every major politician.

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