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Breaking News! Supply Line of Ukraine Army Was Hit! Blockading Ukraine Ports in 48 Hour! Putins Trap

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Dear listeners,
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In the video we published earlier, we stated that Putin's understanding of the word withdrawal may be different. Information comes from the region in this direction. The Russians are not going the way they came. It seems that it will be more than enough to put pressure on the Ukraine they left behind. However, Putin's policy of gradually increasing the pressure on Ukraine by cooling the crisis in the international arena draws attention. After the Kremlin administration launched its warships on the field, it is argued in the Russian media that the Russian navy in the black sea could impose a complete blockade on all Ukrainian ports.
"The situation will get worse," the Ukrainian expert commented. The Russian media, on the other hand, wrote that Ukraine intensified its attacks on the Donbas region, and it is stated that the pro-Russian separatists in Donetsk hit a supply point belonging to the Ukrainian armed forces and caused great damage. Images of a convoy of the Ukrainian army burned on the Ukrainian front line were also broadcast on social media.
The former Donbas Defense Minister also rebelled against the Russian army not coming to the border and entering the Ukrainian territory.
Let's start to examine the details of these events together now:

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