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Breaking News Russia Closed Ukraine Crimea Airspace! Aircrafts Fly Low! US Will Act! British Report!

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Welcome to the Deep Journal channel. Russia's pressure on Ukraine continues. The USA, Britain and the European Union shared new information about Russia's military buildup.
According to the information shared, Russia completed the siege of Ukraine from the east-north-south line.
The Russian army stands ready for operation at the Ukrainian border.
According to the information obtained by the British intelligence, there are 100,000 Russian soldiers on Russian lands on the border with Crimea and Ukraine.
The British press also detailed the war plans of the Russians in a report based on British intelligence reports and satellite images. According to the British press, the Russians are planning a major attack on Ukraine. We will examine the details about this in a moment.
Clashes continue on the Donbass front line.
In the last 24 hours at the Russian-Ukrainian border, explosions were heard, artillery shots were made at different points in the hot zone where the ceasefire was violated, and anti-tank and anti-aircraft systems were fired.
According to the information obtained from reliable sources in the region, 1 Ukrainian soldier died in the clashes with the Russian-backed separatists and the Ukrainian Army.
In addition, Russia closed 2 regions for transportation and declared a military zone, taking into account the exclusive economic zone based on Crimea.
Finally, Russia closed its airspace over Crimea and the Black Sea for flights.
Russia's Crimea based on exclusive statement issued against it is probable that the economic zone of application for which we expect Turkey to be relevant.
Russian army television Zvezda has also officially announced that the Su-25 aircraft fleet has been dispatched from Stavropol to Crimea. According to the report, the massive transfer is part of the air force's exercise.
Breaking News Russian Aircrafts Air Strike! US Army Shipped There! Is Russia Pressuring for Ukraine?
Welcome to the Deep Journal channel.
The complex situation in Syria, where Turkish, Russian and US-backed forces are struggling for domination, continues.
After the tension on the Ukraine-Russia border emerged, it is noteworthy that the tension in Syria increased. NATO members Turkey and United States full support of the Ukraine against Russia. However, the conflict between these two NATO allies in Syria on many issues further complicates the situation.
armed drones produced by Turkey, supporting systems necessary to prepare the infrastructure of Ukraine to sell. And The USA sent many military cargo planes to Ukraine.
The recently Russia supplying arms to Turkey and Ukraine had warned all countries.

On the evening of April 19, 2021, Russia's Conciliation Center for the Parties in Syria stated that the militants were planning an attack on the state institutions buildings in the big cities before the presidency.

In the statement, it was reported that approximately 200 militants were destroyed in the operation carried out by the Russian Air Space Forces in the Palmira region in northern Syria. Sources in the Russian press describe the groups attacked as terrorists, while the Turkish press reports that the moderate Syrian opposition and civilians are targeted.

On the other hand Syrian media, states that the US forces in the country are carrying new weapons and ammunition to their bases in northern Syria, indicating that a massive accumulation has been made in the region.
While the Syrian regime is getting ready to hold elections without voting for the 7th time in the country, Russia has been accusing the US of stealing Syrian oil since last month.

Now, after all these complex relations, let's start to examine the latest developments in Syria together:
Breaking News! Ukraine Will Build Nuclear Missile! Ukraine Locks Missiles to Russian Ships! France!
Welcome to the Deep Journal channel. While the movement in the Ukrainian front line continues, the conflict between the USA and Russia does not slow down.
After Russia warned Joe Biden to remove his army from the region, the US warships, which turned their course to the Black Sea, reportedly returned.
In the minutes when the US decision to send warships to the ground fell to the agencies, it was also noted that a missile attack was carried out simultaneously against the US soldiers at the Arbil Airport in Iraq and the Turkish military camp in Bashika. When the missile launchers used in the attack were captured later, it was revealed that they were used by the Hashd al-Shaabi militia. It is understood from this that the attacks on the US and Turkish soldiers were carried out by militias loyal to Iran, which is a close ally of Russia.
A few days before this attack, the Iranian side had announced that they would send soldiers to support Russia in case of any military conflict in Ukraine.
Turkish diplomatic sources said the first American ship to take place on Wednesday did not cross the Bosphorus.

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