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Jerry Cans: The True Secret Weapon of WWII

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Jerry Cans have had a ubiquitous presence in our world for decades but where did they come from? We explore the incredible design, engingeering and history of the humble jerry can, as well as its roots as a secret weapon of WWII.

List of Reccomended Reading on the Subjects covered! https://share-a-cart.com/get/TN55U

A lot of jerry cans these days are pretty cheap rubbish- here are some millitary surplus ones if you're interested in getting one with all the 'authentic' features: https://share-a-cart.com/get/VUBDU

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Other sources:

Jerry Can Book:

Thik Defence - The Amazing Jerry Can

Vinzenz Grünvogel and the astonishing jerry can

WELDER Article
Part I: https://www.thefabricator.com/thewelder/blog/arcwelding/the-design-and-fabrication-of-the-jerrycan-part-i
Part II: https://www.thefabricator.com/thewelder/blog/arcwelding/the-design-and-fabrication-of-the-jerrycan-part-ii

0:00 - The Amazing Engineering of the Jerry Can
3:56 - The Origins of Fuel Cannisters
5:08 - The German Secret Weapon
5:53 - Relentless Development
7:23 - The Original WhermachtKannister
10:50 - Thank You Share-A-Cart!
12:32 - The British Discover the 'Jerry Can'
14:19 - British 'Jerry Can' Duplicates
15:10 - US Attempts at a 'Jerry Can' Duplicate
17:32 - The American 'Blitz Can'
18:21 - Allies Finally Adopt the Jerry Can Standard
19:46 - The Jerry Can & D-Day
20:55 - Outro
22:14 - Waffling on for a Bit

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  • Tagobert Gesperrt Eingetragen Ein Kanister eben, denk man. Aber das Ding ist tatsächlich sehr durchdacht gebaut worden.
    Beeindruckend. Und, dass sich damit jemand beschäftigt und herausgefunden hat.