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Discover the Perfect Welding Hood for You

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Join Taylor Welding as he reviews the Toui welding lens in his entertaining and Viking-like style. Learn about the features of the lens, how to install it, and some handy tricks for using it. Don\'t forget to subscribe to Taylor\'s channel for more welding tips and reviews!

Here’s the link to the Welding hood and lens
????????????????????????????????????????? ???????????
https://tefuaweweld.com/taylorweld ing

0:00 intro
0:10 Things not to say to your wife
1:00 the lens
2:03 Tip
3:16 How much does it cost
4:15 When should you use a pancake Welding hood
5:09 the hood comes pre chopped
5:43 The problem with chopped hoods
6:32 The first thing I noticed about the hood
7:00 I love the lock
8:50 Possible downside (Charging)
10:40 One thing to consider for any hood manufacturer
11:11 One thing all of my hoods have in common

Here is the link to the best welding lens I have found Here is the link for , Tefuawe WELDING LENS ????

Here ’s the link to the inexpensive welding equipment????
https://www.arccaptain.com/?ref= DGWXRheU
use coupon code Taylorwelding for 5% off

Congratulationss on starting your new welding business. If I missed somthing, I have no doubt that I will find out in the comments. Thanks for watching guys Happy welding.
Tips for welding With 6010 ,70+ or 8010 and 7018.

Just getting out of welding school Here\'s some advice. I hope it helps people starting their welding journey.
It’s important to go to welding school but it is more important to learn how to weld. It doesn’t matter what you do just practice and keep practicing. Nobodyf red deer r AW c can hold your hand. It’s up to you. American Welding Society! Welding schools!
#WeldingSchool, #RodAngle, #TulsaWeldingSchool, #LearnHowToWeld, #7018, #6010, #taylorwelding, #weldingschools

I\'m not a weldin g inspector, a safety man, or your mom. Do your own research. I\'m not responsible for anything you do. Have an awesome, awesome day. Stay safe. welding tools homemadeuu free t

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