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Zärtlichkeit - Vertrauen - Liebe - Jim and Leo

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Tagobert: Ich teile das mit euch, weil mich das so beeindruckt hat, welche zärtliche und vertrauensvolle Bindung hier zu sehen ist zwischen Bärenschützer Jim und \"Leo\".

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=On_2z 9cmY9s

It’s been extremely difficult for Jim and Susan on the loss of Jimbo earlier this year. In this video, Jim is spending some time with Leo and yes, those are tears you are seeing. Because it’s hard to spend time with Leo, without thinking about and missing Jimbo. And Jim has been super busy at his job. When he leaves at four in the morning the bears are still in bed. When he comes home at seven in the evening they have gone back to bed for the night. So he hasn’t been getting to see them as much this past month or two. Jima nd Susan can’t look at Leo and not immediately think of Jimbo. They were so close. They were one and the same. It’s impossible to hug Leo and not feel sad that Jimmy is no longer with them, and Jim is overcome with the emotion and the loss. Leo loves to spend time with Jim though and while this video is long, it is filled with a lot of true and real emotion.

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