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11/25/2022 -- ALERT -- Native American viewers! UNKNOWN Ancient Native American site found in Idaho!

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UPDATE 335am Central time 11/25/2022 - ALERT!!!! It is confirmed! these animal shapes MATCH THE ANIMAL SHAPES IN WISCONSIN proved to be Native American mounds!!!! Especially the buffalo, rabbit, and bird shapes!!! See here! https://www.bigrivermagazine.com/effigy_mounds_WisRiv.html

Update 419am central time 11/25/2022 - Someone just told me that today is Native American Heritage day? November 25th, 2022. I'm mind blown, because I didn't plan this to happen today, or even think about thanksgiving much when I showed this.

Dude, that's just wild. Life is very very weird (lately even more so). Much love. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Native_American_Heritage_Day


Update 507am central time 11/25/2022: This is amazing! I found something else!

BOTH the Wisconsin Mounds (with the rabbit, buffalo and bird shapes) as well as the Idaho mounds (with the rabbit, buffalo and bird shapes).... BOTH ARE ON THE SAME EXACT LATITUDE down to a 10th of a point!

Wisconsin: Latitude 43 13 13.56 N , Longitude 90 27 38.31 W

Idaho site: Latitude 43 15 24.16 N , Longitude 115 0 49.31 W

They connect in a perfect straight line from West to East from Idaho to Wisconsin along 43.1N latitude!!!

The chanes of having the same shapes in MOUNDS .. rabbits, buffalo, birds.. on the SAME EXACT LATITUDE down to a 10th of a point (both at 43.1 N).. is next to impossible to NOT be related.

____ Original text description below:

2.5 miles East by Southeast of Hill City Idaho. This (what I think is an) obvious ancient Native American site is located in what is now called the "Camas Prairie Centennial Marsh Wildlife Management Area". Geo-coordinates: 43 16 2.35 N , 115 0 37.82 W

I found this location accidentally due to earthquakes striking next to it.

My viewers and I inquired on the origins of the site, answers received are NOT satisfactory, saying "might be, or must be" "farmers paying tribute to indians".. and other foolish excuses made for what is an obvious heritage site for Indians from North America.

The + shape is well known as used by Native Americans in the past, and the animal shapes speak for themselves.

The designation of this location as a "MARSH" wildlife preserve is a disgrace to all Native Americans, and the canal system which connects each spot is also ancient (not to be confused with truck ruts which I show in the video the difference between the canals and the truck ruts). Notice the farmers plowing the fields across the street have likely destroyed at least one of the structures (hopefully unintentionally).

You can also see WAGON PATHS from the old west Wagon trail going through these structures, meaning they are older than the earliest Western settlers!

There are no pictures of this site which I can find, no Native American sites dedicated nearby, and certainly not at the site in question.

I suggest people of Native American heritage immediately request this land to be handed over (since its just a marsh land owned by the gov shouldn't be a big deal for them to get ownership). They deserve full access for study, and I urge tribal people to go to this preserve immediately to stand watch so no one tears these apart any more than they already have.

Just like we would protect the Cahokia Mounds, these shapes and lakes/ canals need to be studied, preserved, and celebrated.

I hope what I found helps, and if what I found has already been discovered, or if it turns out to NOT be Native American, I am sorry .. I don't believe the government for many reasons... the response of "farmers dedicating it to indians" just didn't sit right with me.

Much love, and to my Native American viewers, please let me know what happens after you stake your claim (if you stake your claim) on this site. I highly doubt its chance these are in this shape, and with the Gov making this place a "marsh wildlife preserve" that just suspect in its own right!


In the video I refer to Native Americans as "american indians".. sorry about this , I wasn't aware terminology had changed on Native American vs the other term. I mean no offense, and will always remember the change and difference in terminology going forward I promise! Much love.

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