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PAD MOUNT Transformers - Liquid Filled 100kVa 120/240V Secondary - Biodegradable Fluid

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https://www.larsonelectronics.com/product/283 986/100-kva-pad-mount-transformer-7200-12470y -grounded-wye-primary-120-240v-secondary-biod egradable-fluid-knan

The MT-PML-R7-1P-GMR-100KVA-SZ-LT-DF-A6-BB-CZ-2B4 -M1 Industrial Pad Mount Transformer from Larson Electronics offers powerful, reliable and efficient power distribution in indoor, outdoor and public locations. The low operating costs, low heat emissions and low cost of ownership makes this transformer ideal for a wide range of applications and businesses. An enclosed design caters to installations on concrete pads without protective fencing.

Transformer Features: With a transformer rating of 100 kVA, the industrial transformer features a primary voltage of single-phase 7200/12470Y Grounded Wye and a secondary voltage of single-phase 120/240 V. The unit has a primary loop feed and dead-front primary connections. We also offer systems with radial feed and dead front primary/live front secondary connections. This transformer features a 5-position tap changer with (2) +/- 2.5% taps above and (2) +/- 2.5% taps below to allow small changes for voltage. This pad mount transformer features primary well bushings and standard spade connectors on the secondary side. Equipped with copper windings, this transformer consists of one coil and two core loops.

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