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Unheimliche Vorkommnisse - UFOs - Astralwesen - Annomalien - fremde Kreaturen

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Narrated by James LaFleur - http://youtube.com/jaymez
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???? Have you ever seen a mind bending Phenomenon ? In this video I will analyze a list of bizarre and unsolved mysteries caught on tape such as the creepy case of the black eyed people, YouTuber Alfie Deyes goes on an investigation hoping to catch a paranormal phenomena and catches an unexplained glitch in the matrix instead, strange sounds that could possibly be coming from a Bigfoot or a bizarre creature and much much more unbelievable and mind blowing phenomena you shouldn\'t probably watch by yourself. Welcome to impossible channel where I upload new videos 2 times a week, so count on James LaFleur for more of the strange and unexplainable. I only analyze the most mind blowing and creepiest of the internet videos for your entertainment.

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Welcome to the Impossible Channel,
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