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Ancient Carving Shows EARTH is NOT ROUND| Why Hinduism Supports FLAT EARTH Model? | Praveen Mohan

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Hey guys, today we are going to find out what ancient Indians thought about the shape of the earth. Did they think the earth was flat? Or did they think the earth was round? First, Let us look at this visual, created according to an ancient Indian text.
This is the flat earth model, it is made of up of 7 concentric oceans and land masses distributed on a flat plane. At the very center, you can see a beautiful island called Jambudweep, and you can see a golden mountain rising up like a cylinder, resembling the axis pole. So the flat disk is made of land and water, and at the end of this disk, there are large mountains surrounding this flat earth. This is a very interesting model, to see this giant wall surrounding the edge of the flat earth, because this is how the new flat earth model looks. According to Flat earth supporters, the earth looks like a flat disc, and its edges are protected by a giant arctic wall made of ice. There are photos of these ice walls on the internet. The resemblance between the new model and the ancient Indian model is uncanny, even though the ancient text which talks about this is at least 1000 years old. I could not find the original source for this animation, because this was sent via email, and I would gladly give credit for the original creator, so email me if this is your video.
There is another fascinating detail in this model, it shows the Sun and Moon moving around in the sky, in chariots, this is also very interesting, because this is the same detail in the modern flat earth model as well. Of course, without the chariots and horses. According to modern flat earth theory, the earth is stationary and the Sun and Moon are moving around it. In ancient India, several texts and stories talk about the flat earth model.
Now, why does Hinduism have to talk about the shape of the earth? Because there is a particular story where Lord Vishnu takes the form of a giant wild boar and he lifts up the earth. This is a very popular story, and it is carved in many ancient temples. We are actually quite lucky to have this Hindu Story, because it helps us understand what the ancient builders thought about the shape of the earth. Because of this story, the sculptors carved the earth, in many many ancient temples, and I always try to see how the earth looks, in the point of view of ancient sculptors. And I have also been disappointed many times because, the earth is mostly shown as a woman. So you cannot tell if the sculptor thought of the earth as flat or round. The Boar here is Lord Vishnu and he is lifting up the earth, the earth is called Bhu in Sanskrit. In Mahabalipuram, which is a very ancient site, Vishnu is shown holding the earth in his arms, the earth is shown as a young girl. This type of holding the earth in his hands is also a very popular depiction. Again, this does not tell us if the ancient sculptor thought of the earth as flat or round
So does Hinduism subscribe to the Flat Earth Theory? Before going into this, we have to look at another fancy theory that existed in Ancient India: Concave Earth theory. In this theory, some ancient Hindus thought that the earth looked like a hollow bowl. It is a very interesting view, that the earth is visualized as a concave structure. This is an ancient statue and you can see this figure holding a concave bowl like thing in his hands. Experts are not sure if this represents Vishnu, some say this is the Ape God Hanuman, but there are also other depictions which show the concave earth model.
I have shown you 2 theories from Ancient India, one is the flat earth and the other is the concave earth model. Why do we see these 2 models in ancient India? Because it is very hard to come to terms with the globe earth model. Let's face it, the first time someone told you the earth was like a ball, your first question was, Why are we not falling down? How do you walk on the curved surface of a ball, why don't we see the curve at all?
Let me ask you this: When you were a kid did you intuitively understand and accept when someone told you the earth was round? For me, personally, I remember it was impossible to understand the round earth theory for many years. When you hear that the earth is not only round, but is also spinning at an insane speed, we don't feel like we are moving at all.
So what did the ancient Hindus really believe?

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  • Tagobert Gesperrt Eingetragen Ich persönlich komme immer mehr zu dem Schluß, dass wir auf einer flachen Erde leben.
    Und ich habe es schon öfters geschrieben. Ich vermute, wir sind da nicht allein. Es gibt viele solcher "Scheiben" (ich nenne sie Waben) die zusammen evtl. eine Kugel bilden.
    Ich leite das aus der fragtalen Geometrie ab und der Krümmung der alles, was ist unterliegt.
    Denn in der "Natur" gibt es kein Absolutes, kein Gerades, keine 100 % von irgend etwas.